All About THC Syrup: Common Questions and Answers

THC syrup is one of the most creative kinds of edibles out there. It comes in various doses and is perfect for cannabis newbies and veterans alike. It even comes in different flavors and can include different combinations of your favorite cannabinoids.

In this post, we’ll go over some common THC syrup questions and answers, explaining what it is, how it’s made, and how you can enjoy it for yourself!

1. What is THC Syrup?

THC syrup is a thick, sweet liquid that contains cannabis concentrate, a sweetener like sugar, and usually vegetable glycerin. It comes in a variety of colors, flavors, and consistencies and it can even contain other cannabinoids than THC. Some compare it to the consistency of cough syrup without the medicinal taste, and it offers a sweet and concentrated way to use cannabis.

Unlike THC drinks, syrup is meant to be taken in smaller amounts due to its potency and can be added to other foods or drinks for an added touch of THC. It’s also unlike tinctures – syrups contain a few more additives to make them taste more pleasant and have a more potent THC concentration. This makes them fall more into the edible category rather than drinks or tinctures.

2. How is THC Syrup Made?

THC syrups are made by combining cannabis concentrate (like distillate) with a syrupy mixture that’s typically made with sugar or a sugar substitute. Some also have added flavors or are made with cannabis flower that has been decarboxylated. It’s similar in consistency to syrups used in cocktails or drinks or drizzled over pancakes but infused with cannabis.

3. Why Choose THC Syrup Over Other Cannabis Products?

THC syrup has a few key perks over other cannabis products:

  1. Smoke-free: There’s no smoking required to enjoy syrups.
  2. Discrete: Most syrups look just like any other flavored syrup and can be added to a variety of other foods or drinks.
  3. Easy dosing: Simply measure your desired dose according to the package guidelines and enjoy.
  4. Potentially faster absorption: Some THC syrups take effect faster than traditional edibles depending on their formulation.

4. How Do You Dose THC Syrup?

Proper dosing for THC syrup can vary depending on the potency of your product and your tolerance. Typically, a beginner edible dose of THC is between 5-10 milligrams, but you can go even smaller if you’re unsure how much you need. For more experienced cannabis users, you can usually enjoy a dose you’re used to having with traditional edibles. Just keep in mind that some syrups take effect faster than other types of edible cannabis products.

5. How Long Does THC Syrup Take to Take Effect?

Most THC syrups are just like edibles and take about 30 minutes to take effect. With some types and formulations, however, the onset can happen in 15-20 minutes. Their onset is also affected by your tolerance, what you’ve eaten, when you’ve eaten, and your metabolism. When in doubt, start low and go slow.

6. How Long Do the Effects of THC Syrup Last?

The effects of THC syrup can last 2-6 hours depending on your tolerance, dose, and the product you’re using. Because it is technically an edible, you can expect its effects to last longer than those of inhalable cannabis products like flower or concentrates. 

7. How Do You Store THC Syrup?

Keep your THC syrup stored in an airtight container in a cool, dark place like your pantry or refrigerator (not are syrups can be refrigerated, but some require it). This helps prevent the cannabinoids from breaking down and keeps the product fresh for longer.

8. What Can You Add THC Syrup To?

You can add it to a variety of food and drinks, or just take it on its own. It blends well into cold beverages like tea, smoothies, cocktails, and some sodas. You can also drizzle it over sweet foods like ice cream or pancakes for a little extra kick.

9. Are There Different Types of THC Syrup?

Yes. THC syrups can vary in potency, consistency, flavor, and cannabinoid profile. Some syrups may include cannabinoids like CBD or CBG alongside THC, while others may contain no THC at all and feature other cannabinoids. There’s a type of cannabis syrup out there for everyone!

10. How Do I Know if THC Syrup is Right for Me?

Consider what cannabis products you already like and what you want to get from using THC syrup. If you’re looking for a smoke-free product that is easy to dose and discreet to use, syrups are definitely worth a try. If you prefer the experience of inhaling your cannabinoids or enjoying them in a tasty snack, you may not prefer syrups. Syrups also bring the perk of flexible dosing for any cannabis experience level.


THC syrup is a great product for mixing up your cannabis routine with yummy flavors and accurate dosing. It’s easy to use, available in many flavors, and can be added to a lot of foods and drinks for a delicious THC experience. Syrups are great for beginners and cannabis veterans alike.

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