What’s the Best Voltage for THC Carts?

Carts have gained massive popularity in recent years. When it comes to convenience, potency, and ease of use, cannabis cartridges still rank highly in all these categories for many enjoyers across the nation. In fact, concentrates are the second most popular kind of cannabis product, ranking just below flower.

If you’ve purchased carts and battery devices in the past, you may have come across a device that has voltage settings to control the way your cartridge hits. This can seem confusing. After all, what difference does it make if you use a high or low-voltage setting?

Turns out, it can make a difference. The temperature at which your concentrate is burned can change the flavor, hit intensity, and efficacy of your product.

How do THC Vape Pens Work?

So, what is a dab pen, weed pen, or cart? Just like concentrate rigs heat up concentrate, or dabs, to a certain point to turn it into vapor, your pen is like a mini and portable version of that. The battery heats the cartridge to a certain temperature to vaporize the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other plant-derived ingredients. This makes the concentrate an inhalable cannabis product. This vapor is fast acting and more potent than smoking regular cannabis flower.

Why do Dab Pens Have Voltage Settings?

Changing the voltage on your battery changes the output of the vapor in a few different ways. The vapor is made up of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other plant materials, all of which are affected differently by different temperature settings.

When changing your voltage settings, it’s a bit of a give-and-take when it comes to what the hit will feel and taste like:

  • Setting your voltage higher will cause the pen to create more vapor. While this can increase the efficacy of your hits, it can tamper with the flavor of the concentrate because some concentrate ingredients and terpenes cannot handle higher temperatures as well as the actual cannabinoids can.
  • Setting your voltage lower makes for less vapor, but in turn, you can expect more flavor from your cartridge and a less intense hit. It may take you a few more hits than usual to reach your desired dose, but some people may prefer to go slower use as opposed to stronger, more potent hits.
  • Your voltage settings may need to change based on the thickness and consistency of the concentrate in your cart. Thinner concentrates work well with lower temperatures, while thicker concentrates may need a higher voltage to vaporize effectively.


Cartridge batteries have voltage settings so that you can control the way your cartridge will hit. With each cartridge, you may prefer different settings depending on how that particular concentrate reacts to different temperatures.

What’s the best voltage for THC Cartridges?

In reality, it comes down to personal preference. Typically, you’ll want to set your pen between 2.5 and 3 volts. Cart batteries without temperature controls usually have a set voltage between this range, and for good reason. This voltage setting is a happy medium for most concentrates, no matter their thickness or ingredients. 

If you’re looking to preserve terpene flavor or want a less-concentrated hit, a voltage of around 2.5 on a thinner formula will usually do the trick. For thicker concentrates, you may need to bump the voltage up to get your desired pull. If you’re having trouble finding the sweet spot for a specific cartridge, play around with the voltage settings until you find what works best for you.

And, if all else fails and you can’t be bothered to adjust the voltage on your pen (we get it), you can always opt for a disposable THC vape. These devices come with a pre-set voltage, so you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect temperature for that specific concentrate. We carry a lot of disposable THC vape options in a variety of strains.

How to Make Your Carts Last Longer

We all want to get the most out of our cannabis, and it turns out the voltage you use and your cannabis habits can help you make your cartridges last longer. A few things you can do to increase the lifespan of your concentrate carts are:

  • Switch up your routine: With dab pens, it’s easy to get comfortable only using your pen instead of other cannabis products. Carts deliver a lot of cannabinoids into your system quickly, are easy to use, and are one of the most convenient ways to use weed. Carts can, however, increase your tolerance over time because they are so potent. Switching to good ‘ole flower or an edible every once in a while is a great way to make your cart last longer by using other products.
  • Use a lower voltage setting: If you have a high tolerance, this may not be the best option for you since lower voltage means less intense hits. Lowering the voltage does, however, help your cart last longer since you’re not vaporizing the concentrate at such a high temperature. If you don’t need much to feel the effects of your dab pen, using a lower voltage can help the cart last longer.
  • Practice proper storage: Many people keep their dab pens on them frequently, and this makes sense. After all, carts are loved for how easy they are to use on the go and their discreetness. When you have a cart, though, it’s important to take care of it before and during use. Concentrate cartridges should be kept cool and dry, so avoid leaving them in a hot or cold car to avoid messing up the consistency of the concentrate.
  • Inhale properly: If you’re a cart rookie, you may be wasting some of your hits by not inhaling your concentrate correctly. Long, slow hits that you inhale into your lungs, not your mouth, will always give you the most bang for your buck. Always start slow and small if you’re unsure how much you should use. 


Like many elements of using cannabis, your cartridge voltage settings come down to personal preference. Based on the taste of your cart, the consistency of your concentrate, and your ideal experience, you can determine what voltage setting you prefer for your dab pen.

If you find yourself having a hard time navigating this, you can always ask your budtender for voltage recommendations. When you buy a battery or cartridge from Dreamz, we can walk you through how to use it and what settings may work best for certain carts.

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