Our cannabis beverages are infused with THC and CBD for a refreshing way to get to your sweet spot. Explore our brands and flavors to find your favorite cannabis drink. They’re like edibles, but cooler.


Perhaps the most classic way to use cannabis, flower includes a variety of cultivars straight from plants, to Dreamz, to you. Shop our wide selection of flower on our products page.


We only source products from high-quality, trusted brands that use good ingredients and excellent cannabis. No weird ingredients or scary chemicals included. We guarantee you’ll love all of our products, especially our cannabis-infused beverages.

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Every product we sell is lab tested and evaluated for the best quality product we can obtain. You can scan the QR codes on our cultivars to learn more about each kind, down to when it was harvested and who grew it.



Our favorite things about cannabis beverages.


Reaching for a cannabis beverage is easier than a smoking ritual and just as relaxing. Simply crack one open and enjoy the moment.


Cannabis drinks come in a variety of doses, but they also come in many different delicious flavors for you to try. You’re sure to find your favorite!


Cannabis beverages come in a variety of forms. From juices, to sodas, to teas or coffee, there's a cannabis-infused beverage for everyone!


Edibles and smokeables are tried and true, but sometimes the same old thing can get boring. Cannabis drinks are a unique way to use cannabis.


Cannabis flower is easy to use and comes with a variety of different ways to consume it. You can easily control quantity and potency.


Cannabis flower is straight from the earth, a natural and holistic way to take care of your mind and body however works for you.


Cannabis flower maintains all traits of the cultivar, which means a variety of smells and flavors to experience depending on what you purchase.


Inhalable cannabis, like flower, has the fastest absorption rate of any other product type and produces fast-acting results.

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Cannabis drinks come in all shapes and sizes, from tea to sodas. The “drink” part is just like any other drink you’d buy with the addition of cannabinoids in the ingredients. It’s like having a regular soda or tea with a little something extra. Depending on the drink, you can find different kinds and doses of cannabinoids.

Most cannabis beverages use emulsion to incorporate cannabinoids into the drink. Emulsification is pretty new to cannabis products, but it’s very common in the beverage industry as a whole. Producers use emulsifying agents to encourage the cannabinoids to mix with the liquids and evenly distribute throughout the drink.

Beverages interact with out bodies a lot like edibles. They usually take around 30 minutes to take effect and, just like edibles, should be dosed slowly so you can find what’s comfortable for you. There’s also some evidence suggesting that emulsification process give the cannabinoids more bioavailability, meaning they can take effect faster.

Depending on the producer and what kind of drink it is, you’ll find a lot of flavors out there. Some drinks can have a slight cannabis-like flavor, while others taste nothing like a cannabis product at all.

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Whenever you’d like! You can have a cannabis drink to replace or add to your typical cannabis routine, drink them in place of smoking, or just to unwind at the end of the day. Whatever your like best!

Some do, but Dreamz does not carry and alcoholic beverages, even in our cannabis drinks. Our beverages are infused with cannabinoids only and do not include any alcohol.

That’s up to you and your preferences! Some prefer edibles for their easy dosing and flavors, while other may prefer a THC drink for a quick and refreshing way to use cannabis.

Drinks can be a little bit trickier to dose than edibles because it’s not as easy as having one gummy or a square off your chocolate bar. With drinks, you can always pour some out of it’s original contianer and measure your ideal amount!

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