Concentrates provide the most potent and concentrated cannabis experience. They offer the most effective way of relief due to their high levels of cannabinoids.


Perhaps the most classic way to use cannabis, flower includes a variety of cultivars straight from plants, to Dreamz, to you. Shop our wide selection of flower on our products page.


Our concentrates are made with thoughtful processes and no mystery ingredients. We source all of our products from reputable sources and lab test every single one of them to ensure you get what you are looking for.

carefully tested and evaluated

Every product we sell is lab tested and evaluated for the best quality product we can obtain. You can scan the QR codes on our cultivars to learn more about each kind, down to when it was harvested and who grew it.



Our favorite things about cannabis concentrates.


Concentrates contain higher levels of THC than any other kind of cannabis product. You can count on them to be effective.


Our concentrates are produced without any mystery ingredients or questionable practices. You can purchase concentrates at Dreamz and trust our products.


Some concentrates are able to preserve elements of the original cultivar, such as terpenes and flavors, while having a high THC percentage.


Like other cannabis consumption methods, concentrates have a variety of uses and ways to consume them. They are customizable to your needs.


Cannabis flower is easy to use and comes with a variety of different ways to consume it. You can easily control quantity and potency.


Cannabis flower is straight from the earth, a natural and holistic way to take care of your mind and body however works for you.


Cannabis flower maintains all traits of the cultivar, which means a variety of smells and flavors to experience depending on what you purchase.


Inhalable cannabis, like flower, has the fastest absorption rate of any other product type and produces fast-acting results.

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concentrate types: what's
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Budder concentrate usually appears smooth and creamy, much like whipped butter. The consistency of budder can vary quite a bit depending on how much it is whipped and how it is produced. It also goes by the names “Badder” and “Batter,” especially when the concentrate looks more like cake batter than butter.

Also referred to as “Honeycomb,” crumble is a powdery concentrate that falls apart easily and appears drier than other concentrate consistencies. Some cannabis enjoyers like to add a small sprinkle of crumble on top of a bowl or rolled into a joint.

Shatter concentrates get their name from their glass-like appearance. And, just like the name implies, they tend to be more fragile and break into pieces easily. Some compare it to the rigidity of a thin piece of hard candy.

Sugar concentrates look a lot like brown sugar, but they tend to vary quite a bit in their consistency. While some are on the drier side and can look similar to crumble, some sugar concentrates have more moisture incorporated and look shiny, sticky, and wet.

Concentrate diamonds are named so for their crystalline structures, which are formed by freezing concentrate and whipping it. This produces crystals of cannabinoids floating within the concentrate, making them appear shiny with those reflective crystals inside.

Concentrate sauce is sticky and syrup-like in consistency and can sometimes look similar to applesauce. Usually, sauce will also contain terpene oil that enhances the flavor of the concentrate. The process of combining this oil with the concentrate is what gives it this unique consistency.

Bubble hash is made by using ice water to pull trichomes from the cannabis plant. The result is loose trichomes that appear bubbly and resemble the sugar you use in the kitchen. Regular hash is similar, but instead of using ice water, hash is made by pressing and manipulating buds to separate the trichomes from the plant. Regular hash usually looks like a sticky power that’s been compressed.

Live resin can technically come in a lot of the consistencies listed here, but what sets it apart is its production process. It is made with cannabis plants that have been frozen immediately after harvest, no drying or curing required. This better preserves the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavors from the original plant and makes for a potent final product.

This short list is a broad overview of some cannabis concentrate options out there. They’ve also got a lot of nick names, which means you may see some concentrate types named differently between brands. If your favorite type of concentrate isn’t listed here, take a look at our products or visit us in store to see our full selection!

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cannabis concentrates faq

Cannabis concentrate is exactly what it sounds like: concentrated cannabis. It has a higher concentration of THC and other cannabinoids, meaning it is stronger and more potent.

Depending on its consistency, concentrates can be vaped in disposables, smoked using a dab rig or other glass piece, or added to smokable flower!

Concentrate is extremely potent and contains much more cannabinoids than most other cannabis products. For this reason, we do not usually consider concentrates beginner-friendly.

Concentrates usually range anywhere from 50% to 90% THC content, with most sitting above 60%. This means concentrate can contain up to triple the amount of THC in flower, which is usually around 15% to 30% THC.

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