Cannabis cartridges are one of our most popular products – and for good reason. Cartridges are perfect for on-the-go, convenient use and come in a variety of strains for a variety of needs.


Perhaps the most classic way to use cannabis, flower includes a variety of cultivars straight from plants, to Dreamz, to you. Shop our wide selection of flower on our products page.


Higher Growing Standards

Every grow and distributor we source from produces high-quality, expertly tested cannabis flower, some of the best in the state. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our products. Dreamz carries a variety of cultivars for your needs.

carefully tested and evaluated

Every product we sell is lab tested and evaluated for the best quality product we can obtain. You can scan the QR codes on our cultivars to learn more about each kind, down to when it was harvested and who grew it.



Our favorite things about cannabis cartridges.


Cartridges are easy to use and easy to bring wherever you go. They are ideal for people who want to casually consume without much effort.


Cartridges turn cannabis concentrate into an easily inhalable form of cannabis. Since they are concentrate, they are more potent and effective.

Less Smell

Since cartridges take the original flower cultivar out of the equation, you get the same tastes and experience as flower, but without the smell!


Inhalable cannabis, like cartridges, has the fastest absorption rate of any other product type and produces fast-acting results.


Cannabis flower is easy to use and comes with a variety of different ways to consume it. You can easily control quantity and potency.


Cannabis flower is straight from the earth, a natural and holistic way to take care of your mind and body however works for you.


Cannabis flower maintains all traits of the cultivar, which means a variety of smells and flavors to experience depending on what you purchase.


Inhalable cannabis, like flower, has the fastest absorption rate of any other product type and produces fast-acting results.

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HOW ARE cannabis CARTridges MADE?

Cannabis concentrates can be extracted in many ways. Some of the most common methods involved using CO2, hydrocarbon, and ethanol, but there are a bunch of different processes that yield different results. The extraction process all starts with the cannabis plant. Plants are carefully selected, preserved, then run through a concentrate producers extraction method of choice. The concentrate is then purged (cleaned) thoroughly.

Solventless extraction refers to any extraction process using heat, pressure, ice, or water to produce cannabis extract. Solventless extraction is loved for its ability to preserve all the best parts of the cannabis plant without using any chemicals to do so. No chemicals or other ingredients are incorporated into the process. The result is concentrate straight from the plant with no added or residual ingredients.

Distillate works much like the distillation of alcohol. After the concentrate has been extracted, it is heated to separate the cannabinoids from other parts of the plant and reach a point of vaporization. From there, the the unwanted material is removed and the distillate is collected. Distillates are known for their lack of smell and taste, as well as their high concentration of THC. They include less terpenes than other concentrates.

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Everyone is different, and so is every cultivar. Based on your needs and wants, we can help you find your ideal product at a Dreamz Dispensary near you.

The battery attached to the cartridge heats up the concentrate inside and turns it into vapor that you can inhale. It works similar to using concentrate in a rig or other glass device, but without the expensive setup and cleaning.

Cartridges can be good for beginners because it’s easy to manage your dose, but it can also be easy to over-do it. Long story short, it’s up to the person, their needs, and what they want to get from their cannabis experience.

Cartridges contain concentrate, which is an extremely potent cannabis product with up to 90% THC in come cases. They are guaranteed to be effective and act quickly.

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