Do Weed Edibles Go Bad?

We love edibles. They come in a variety of flavors and types and are a delicious way to use cannabis. They’re great for people who don’t prefer smoking and offer a fun way to switch up how you use cannabis. Weed edibles are cannabis products, but they’re also food products as well. This means we have to ask, do weed edibles expire? Read this blog to learn more about the ingredients in edibles, the best way to store weed edibles, and how to find and read expiration labels on their packaging.

Common Weed Edible Ingredients

So, edibles are food products, which means yes, they do expire. But why do edibles expire? Just like any food product, edibles contain ingredients that are perishable, meaning they only last so long before you can’t eat them anymore. Like many food products, some edibles contain preservatives that help them last a little longer, but they’re not made to withstand the test of time.

Cannabis baked goods are similar to standard baked goods, with some containing egg and milk products that are perishable. Gummies and chocolates can have a longer shelf life, but they still contain ingredients that can only hold up for so long. Edibles with oils and butter have a shorter shelf life as well. It works just like any other food you would store in your kitchen, which means it’s important to be aware of how long you’ve had the edible and make the right call when it’s time to throw something away.

How to Store Weed Edibles

Just like we store certain foods in certain places, there are ways to store edibles to ensure they last as long as possible. The more airtight and light-free an area is, the better, and this applies to almost all edibles. For products like chocolates or gummies, you can store them in a cabinet in an air-tight container like a ziplock bag or Tupperware container. Keep an eye on the ingredients, though. Any edibles made with milk or eggs won’t last as long at room temperature. 

For most edible products, we recommend storing them in the fridge after opening. The refrigerator helps keep your products fresher for a little bit longer by slowing or even stopping the growth of bacteria. Plus, who doesn’t love cold chocolate from the fridge? For baked goods, we don’t recommend warming them up at all prior to eating them. Warm baked goods are nice, but microwaving edibles can risk lowering the potency of the product. So don’t microwave your edibles, you could ruin them!

If you like to stock up on edibles or only use them occasionally, you can also store edibles in the freezer and thaw them when you’re ready to have them. When you do freeze them, make sure to store them in a bag or container designed to prevent freezer burn. This allows you to keep them frozen for longer without risking ruining them! Gummies keep well in the freezer for 3-6 months, so you don’t have to worry about them going to waste. Just be sure not to re-freeze edibles that have already been thawed!

For drinks, we strongly suggest you keep them in the refrigerator and use them by their expiration date. Cannabis-infused drinks are usually not safe to be kept in the freezer like other products because of their packaging. Just like you wouldn’t put a can of rootbeer in the freezer, you can’t do the same to cannabis drinks.

If you’re unsure how to store any edibles you have, you can always ask your budtender for storage information. You can also look up the distributor and get more information on the product. Edible manufacturers will usually detail storage procedures and expirations on the packaging itself or on their website.

When do Weed Edibles Expire?

Expiration dates will always vary between types of edibles. As we talked about earlier, different ingredients mean different shelf lives and storage instructions.

Every edible product you purchase, however, will include an expiration date just like a regular food product. You can usually find the expiration date for an edible on a label that has details about that product’s specific batch information. 

Products that need to be refrigerated, like drinks or sauces, typically last around a week. Edibles like baked goods, gummies, and lollipops typically last longer than other edibles because they are dry, which means they have less oxygen in them and are less perishable. 

If you are unsure if your edible is still good, the smell of the product is a good indicator if the edible is safe to eat or not. If you notice any changes in the smell or texture of the product, it’s best to play it safe and throw the edible away (and do it safely!)


Bottom line, if you’re unsure about any edible product, we suggest you dispose of it and don’t take any chances just like you would with any other food. Don’t microwave your edibles, and be sure to store them properly using the guidelines above!

If you’re ever unsure and looking for a second opinion, you can always ask us! We can walk you through the edibles you’re interested in and help you learn more about weed edible storage and shelf lives. If you have more questions about our edibles, you can view some of our products or reach out to us on our contact page.