How Many Gummies Should I Eat? A Quick Guide to Dosing THC Gummies

Edibles can be daunting, especially because some edibles like gummies can come in very high doses upward of 25mg of THC. Despite how common this is, some gummies are less beginner-friendly than others. So, how many gummies should you eat?

Finding your perfect dose is key to learning how to enjoy gummies and other edibles. But, if you’re a beginner or are unsure how to up your dose, this can be intimidating! In this post, we’ll explain how different doses of THC in gummies may make you feel, why everyone experiences different doses of THC differently, and how to try edibles for the first time.

Understanding THC Doses in Gummies and Other Edibles

Whenever you purchase an edible, like a pack of gummies or a brownie for example, the package will come with a dose listed on it. Gummies will usually be labeled by dose per piece or the amount of THC in the bag as a whole. So, if you buy a 5-pack of gummies that are 10mg per piece, the bag may say that or 500mg per bag. For a brownie or something similar, the entire dose will likely be listed on the bag.

Be sure to pay attention to packaging and double-check the dosing, as different companies make them differently! Once you know how much THC you have on your hands, you can start to decide which dose you want to try and figure out how much you should eat.

1-2.5mg THC, A Microdose

At a low dose of THC between 1 and 2.5mg, most people don’t report many profound effects. You may experience mild relaxation or a subtle mood boost, but you likely won’t experience much in terms of psychoactive effects.

This type of dose is ideal for those who are very new to cannabis or who are looking to incorporate cannabis into a mild routine. If you are unsure how THC affects you or want to have a consistent, micro-dosing experience, we recommend this one!

3-5mg THC, A Low Dose

Doses of 3-5mg are usually where mild psychoactive effects start to occur. You may feel more noticeably relaxed with mild euphoria and some bodily effects. This dose is very mild and will likely not be overwhelming or too intense.

A low dose is great for people with lower tolerances and beginners who have an idea of how they feel when using THC. You may feel some degree of intoxication, but this dose should not be debilitating or uncomfortable. Low doses like this are great for beginners who want to start taking edibles more consistently but haven’t built up a tolerance yet.

10-15mg, A Moderate Dose

At 10-15mg, this dose is what most cannabis enjoyers reference when talking about their experience. This dose range is one of the most common as it tends to be where THC’s psychoactive effects begin to take effect more potently. You may experience some impairment or intoxication from the high. 

This dose is ideal for those who are more experienced with edibles and are looking to manage pain, help with sleep, or just to have a good time. For beginners, this dose may be too overwhelming for some.

20-30mg, A High Dose

Taking 20-30mg of edibles will likely cause strong feelings of euphoria and relaxation accompanied by some loss in coordination. Doses at this level may be beneficial for severe pain, consistent sleeping issues, and greater relaxation.

We only recommend this dose for people who are experienced with THC and know exactly what they are looking for from a dose like this. Beginners should stick with lower doses and work their way up to a dose as high as this one.

50-100mg, A Very High Dose

Most cannabis enjoyers top out at a dose like this, as this type of dose is not for everyone. Usually, a dose like this is better taken occasionally to help with chronic illness or physical pain. Some may enjoy this dose recreationally as well, but this is best for very experienced cannabis users.

While many take very high doses from time to time to enjoy cannabis recreationally, this dose is not for beginners. If you are experienced, be sure to work your way up to a very high dose and take your time.

100mg or More, a Macrodose

Macrodosing is not very common, as it introduces a lot of THC into the body at a relatively fast pace. And, with edibles having a steady absorption rate, you’ll likely feel the effects of the THC for longer periods of time after taking such a high dose.

Consistent cannabis users who already enjoy very high doses may enjoy a macrodose, but it’s not for everyone! With cannabis, some may experience nausea or anxious feelings when they consume too much at one time. When experimenting with doses that are much higher than the norm, be sure to go slow and do so in a comfortable, calming setting.

Why Doses Feel Different for Different People

If you’ve used cannabis before, whether that be through edibles, flower, concentrates, and so on, you’ve likely noticed that different people react differently to any given dose. You may be someone who can enjoy THC at any dose, or maybe you find that lower doses work better for you. There are a few reasons for this!

One of the biggest reasons for this is everyone’s differing body chemistry. Your unique metabolism, weight, overall health, and mental attitude can all play a role in how your body experiences THC. Some may be able to take high doses of THC and have a pleasant time, while others may prefer low doses to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Everyone is unique!

Your tolerance is also a key player in how THC may affect you. If you’re a seasoned cannabis enjoyer, you’ll likely need higher doses to have the same experience as a newbie. Tolerance can change greatly over time depending on your cannabis routine, so be sure to pay attention and avoid overdoing it!

How to Try Edibles for the First Time

There are a few key factors to consider when trying edibles for the first time. They include:

  1. Type of Edible: Different edible types can have different absorption rates, depending on how they are made and how your body digests them. Some edibles can have faster, more potent onset than others.
  2. Dosage: The dose you take directly affects how the edible will make you feel.
  3. Tolerance: How often you use cannabis can dictate how much of a tolerance you have for it. The more you enjoy THC, the greater your tolerance will be.
  4. Body Weight: Your body weight can also change how much THC affects you. Typically, the more you weigh, the more THC you need to consume to feel its effects.
  5. Metabolism: the way your body breaks down cannabinoids changes the way those cannabinoids make you feel.

When you do try edibles for the first time, start with a low dose no larger than 5mg. Take it slow, too. Edibles can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours to take effect, so be sure to wait plenty of time before increasing your dose.

How Many Gummies Should I Eat? Final Thoughts

If you take one thing from this post, let it be this: Everyone is different! No two people will have the exact same experience from a dose, and it’s important to start low, go slow, and do what is most comfortable for you!

We hope this post helped you learn more about dosing gummies and other edibles! If you have any questions or are looking for product recommendations, ask us on our contact page or stop by any of our locations across New Mexico. Our awesome budtenders are here to help! See our full range of products online, and check out the rest of our blog to learn more about cannabis.