Blunts vs. Joints: What’s the Difference?

Joints and blunts are some of the most common ways to smoke cannabis flower. They’re easy to carry around, can be rolled on your own or bought pre-rolled, and are easy to share with friends. Before prerolls came around, rolling your own blunts and joints was a skill that many cannabis enjoyers had perfected.

Now, you don’t have to learn how to roll your own, which means you can buy your own pre-rolled joints and blunts instead of doing it yourself. But if you’re new to cannabis and trying to understand the difference between the two, you might be unsure which one is for you!

In this post, we’ll explain the difference between blunts and joints, what’s in them, how they can make you feel, and more. We’ll also give you a short guide to figure out which one you may prefer. Keep reading to learn more about blunts vs. joints!

Blunts vs. Joints - The Key Differences

The biggest difference between the two is that blunts contain tobacco while joints do not. This changes the way the cannabis you’re smoking can make you feel. When you add tobacco to the equation, you also get the effects of nicotine alongside the effects of your flower.

They also differ in the amount of cannabis they contain. Blunts are typically larger than joints because of the tobacco paper they are wrapped in (more on that later). While a blunt can hold anywhere from 1-2 grams of cannabis flower, a joint is typically smaller unless you’re buying them pre-rolled from a dispensary.

There are also a few other details that make them different.

Joint Rolling Papers and Blunt Wraps

Let’s get more into the specifics. 

Joints are usually rolled in a thin, smokable paper that can be made from a variety of materials. This paper is usually white or beige in color and can be made out of hemp, flax, rice, paper, and other natural materials that are made to be smoked with the ground-up cannabis inside.

Joints typically have a crutch or filter of some sort in the bottom. This lets you smoke all of the cannabis in your joint without burning yourself on the end of it! It can also act as a barrier to prevent your cannabis from falling out of the end of the joint.

Joint papers have a lot of cool options out there, too. You can find versions that come flavored or in different colors like blue or pink. They also come in different sizes, so you can roll your own joints to your preference.

Blunts are typically rolled inside a blunt-specific wrap or cigarillo that’s been emptied out to remove the dried tobacco inside. The original tobacco is replaced with cannabis then re-rolled to be smoked. The wraps themselves are made out of tobacco, so they contain nicotine that you inhale while also smoking your cannabis. 

Blunt wraps are typically found as cigars or cigarillos at grocery stores and corner stores. They are cut open and emptied so the tobacco can be replaced with ground cannabis. Blunts typically don’t have crutches in them.

Joints and Blunts: Their Flavor

The flavors of joints versus blunts are another factor that sets them apart. Blunts tend to have a distinct flavor, while joints stay pure to the cannabis inside them.

With the tobacco in the blunt wrap, blunts have a unique flavor profile. This combination can be enjoyable for people who enjoy both cannabis and tobacco, but may not be a favorite for those who don’t like the taste or smell of tobacco.

Joints on the other hand provide a “cleaner” and more authentic taste of the cultivar being smoked. Joint papers are made with natural materials like hemp and rice that don’t add any additional tastes or smells to your smoking experience. Unless you’re buying flavored joint papers, your joints will be more true to the cannabis cultivar you’re smoking.

The Effects of Blunts and Joints

This difference is pretty simple. With joints, you only get the effects of the cannabis you’re smoking. With blunts, you get the effects of the cannabis and the tobacco it is wrapped in. 

Tobacco contains nicotine, which tends to be stimulating and can affect the way your cannabis makes you feel. Some say that nicotine enhances the psychoactive effects of cannabis, which may give them a stronger high than cannabis alone.

Just like their flavor profile, joints offer a more “pure” cannabis experience. There is nothing in the joint to alter how a cultivar may make you feel. For a less stimulating or energetic experience, joints may be the better option.

How Blunts and Joints Burn

Joints and blunts differ in how they burn as well. Because of what their paper/wrap is made of and how much cannabis they can hold, they burn differently.

Blunts tend to have thicker wraps, so they like to burn slower and more evenly. The tobacco leaf or paper is a natural slow-burning agent, which makes for a more savor-worthy experience. This also makes them great for sharing, as they won’t burn down too quickly before everyone can get a hit!

Joints on the other hand have thinner papers that tend to burn faster than a blunt. While some like this aspect of joints, others may prefer a slower experience for a longer smoking session. Joints can also require more attention. Because the paper burns quickly, it can burn unevenly if you don’t inhale frequently enough.

The amount of cannabis in your joints and blunts also affects how they burn. The more cannabis in your blunt or joint, the slower it tends to burn!

How to Choose: Joints vs. Blunts

When it comes to lifestyle and preferences, there are a few things you can consider to choose which one you prefer for different settings. Here are some key factors!

Tobacco or No Tobacco?

If you already use tobacco, you may enjoy the experience of a blunt. It combines the familiar flavor and experience of tobacco with that of cannabis. If you don’t like tobacco or are looking for a less stimulating experience, a joint may be the better choice for you.

Are You a Cannabis Purist?

If you like to enjoy the flavors, smells, and experiences of different cultivars without anything added to them, joints are for you. They allow you to experience the full range of effects and notes of a cultivar without anything else added. Blunts, however, can be a great way to switch things up if you’re looking for something new.

Short or Longer Session?

Those looking for a more potent and long-lasting experience may gravitate towards blunts, as they burn slower and tend to hold more cannabis than a joint. If you want a quicker and less potent experience, you may prefer a joint for its quicker burn. Joints tend to be easier to manage when it comes to dose as well, but not all joints are necessarily smaller or less potent than a blunt!

The bottom line for blunts and joints: Go slow and take your time if you’re not sure how much you’d like to smoke! You can always put it out and save it for later.

Solo or With Friends?

Your social setting may also favor one or the other! If you’re planning on sharing with a group of friends, blunts are popular. They are larger and burn slower, meaning everyone has time to get a hit without worrying about it burning too fast. Joints are better for small groups or solo sessions.

Blunts vs. Joints: Conclusion

We hope this post helped you learn more about the difference between blunts and joints! They offer different experiences and cater to different tastes. Blunts tend to be larger, contain tobacco, and burn slowly. Joints are smaller, only contain cannabis, and tend to burn faster. Choosing between the two ultimately comes down to your preferences and what is better suited for your setting. Remember: Take your time and start low!

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