THC Drinks: What They Are and How They’re Made

Cannabis products are getting more and more creative. Now, you can find THC and other cannabinoids in sparkling waters, lemonades, coffees, and more in dispensaries all over. 

In this post, we’ll explain what THC drinks are, how they are made, different types of THC drinks, and ways you can enjoy them for yourself!

What Are THC Drinks?

THC is the primary psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis found in most cannabis products at dispensaries. It creates the “high” associated with cannabis and is by far the most well-known cannabinoid out there. 

THC drinks are beverages that have been infused with THC, offering a unique way to enjoy cannabis that’s different than an edible, cartridge, or flower.

Quick note: There are tons of cannabinoids in cannabis, many of which can also be found in cannabis beverages. We’ll be focusing on THC here, but you can find CBD, CBG, Delta 8 THC, and more in beverage form, too!

How Are THC Drinks Made?

The THC beverage-making process has a few steps that are similar to how a lot of other cannabis products are made. Take a look!

  1. THC Extraction: THC concentrate is usable by itself, but it’s also used in cannabis edibles and drinks as well. THC can be extracted from the cannabis plant in many ways, such as solventless, CO2, or solvent-based extraction. This yields an extremely potent cannabis concentrate that can be used in edible cannabis products, like drinks.
  2. Emulsification: this process is common in all sorts of food products, not just with cannabis. The concentrate is combined with an emulsifier and mixed into a water-based liquid, creating a homogenous (or combined) mixture that is easier to incorporate into other liquids.
  3. Beverage Mixing: the emulsified THC concentrate is then combined with the drink of choice. This could be tea, juice, soda, coffee, etc. The possibilities are endless!
  4. Testing: Before packaging, the drinks are tested for potency and consistency, ensuring each serving of the drink contains the correct amount of THC within it.
  5. Packaging: Once testing is done and everything is consistent, the drinks are packaged and sent off to your favorite dispensary!

The production process for THC drinks is extremely similar to that of any other food and beverage product. This creates safe and consistent products!

Types of THC Drinks

There are quite a few creative THC drinks out there, and some of them can even come as powdered drink mixes. Below are some common drinks you can find THC-infused versions of.

Sodas and Sparkling Waters

Soad and sparkling water cannabis drinks are some of the most popular THC drinks out there. They’re tasty, refreshing, and versatile when it comes to flavors.

Teas, Coffee, and Hot Chocolate

Hot drinks can have THC, too! Coffee beans and tea leaves can both be infused with cannabis oil to create a caffeine + cannabinoid combination. Depending on what you get, these can offer a calming or energizing experience alongside the cannabis inside them.

Juices and Lemonades

These drinks are also a favorite for their refreshing and sweet taste, perfect for unwinding after a hot day and enjoying cannabis in a unique way.


While less common, you can also find cannabis-infused cocktail mixes that are designed to replace alcoholic beverages. They usually come in low doses and are made to be mixed with mixers like a traditional cocktail.

Drink Mixes and Syrups

Powdered drink mix can also be infused with THC! Similar to powdered lemonade or hot chocolate, these power dissolve in water and result in a nice sweet treat with cannabis in them, too! Syrups are similar, as they can be added to drinks and diluted to your ideal dose.

When Can You Use THC Drinks?

THC drinks are loved for being easy to use and a fun way to switch up your cannabis routine.

You can bring them along when you’re with friends for a relaxed way to enjoy cannabis without smoking. You can also bring multiple and share a few with your buddies.

THC drinks can also be mixed with other drinks to dilute them or change their flavor. For example, you can dilute your THC lemonade with a little water for a milder taste and lighter potency. You could do the same by adding juice or any other beverage combination.

Cannabis drinks can also be a good option for those who don’t care for more common types of cannabis products. If you’re not a fan of smokables or edibles, for example, you can opt for a THC drink instead. THC drinks are actually quite easy to dilute and weigh for dosing, so you may find them a great option for smaller doses if you need them.

Our favorite way to enjoy THC drinks is to use them as a way to switch up the routine. Instead of rolling a joint, hitting your cart, or taking an edible like you always do, you can opt for a drink and change things up.


THC Drinks are a unique way to use cannabis whenever you like! They are made just like any other food or drink product with the added bonus of THC and other awesome cannabinoids. Next time you want to switch things up and try something new, reach for a THC drink!

We love THC drinks, which is why we carry some at our locations across New Mexico. Visit a Dreamz Dispensary near you to see our full selection, and check out our inventory by store on our products page. If you have any questions, feel free to let us know by contacting us, and learn more about us and our products by reading our blog.